Infant Adoption in Maine

First Step Toward Adopting an Infant in Maine

What is the first step toward adopting an infant or young child in Maine? This is a question our staff is often asked. The Adoption Home Study is a key part of becoming ready to accept custody of a baby or child (under age 18) through the legal adoption process. A home study is a written report which is completed by a social worker employed by a Licensed Adoption Agency. The home study report must be completed by an agency licensed in the prospective adoptive parent’s state of residence.

The home study process involves a series of interviews (some can be Zoom) between the Hopeful adoptive parent(s) and the Social worker assigned to writing the report. The first interview is generally a session explaining the adoption home study process to the clients. They are provided with a list of documents required (see below) and given an outline to write their autobiography (see attached).  They are required to submit updated medical reports, letters of reference, financial statements, IRS tax returns and vital documents.

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