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Why choose us?

  •  We are a Maine based 501-­3c nonprofit organization providing adoption services. We provide support services to both pregnant women, and to those who want to adopt.  Our caring staff offers excellent support and services stemming from their professional training, education, and personal experiences as adoptive parents, and adopted children.  Call and schedule an appointment to meet our staff and discover how we can help you.

How are we different?

  •  How are we different than other adoption services? A lawyer will not be at the side of the birthmother during birth. Agencies outside of Maine may not even ever meet you in person. We are physically present through the whole process. Every adoption is different and each couple needs are different. We take into consideration the child, the birthparents AND the adoptive family.

Services We Provide


Our staff spends quality time to understand your desires and openness

Court documentation

We do our best to get your documentation to court and move your adoption process along.


Your information is kept confidential at ALL times.  We share only what you want us to share with potential birth parents

Family book assistance

We have graphic design and consulting assistance available to help you produce a loving book highlighting your family.


We are there for the Adoptive Parents through the whole process.

We encourage open adoption

We help the Adoptive family try to keep in contact with birth family (letter, pictures and occasional visits if the birth mother desires).  Unless the relationship proves to be detrimental to the child, we encourage an open adoption.

Information about Adopting a Baby who has been substance exposed

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS)

Information from the March of Dimes

NAS is a group of conditions caused when a baby withdraws from certain drugs (most often opioids) he’s exposed to in the womb before birth.

Most babies with NAS get treatment in the hospital after birth. Most babies who get treatment get better in a few days or weeks.


MotherToBaby, a service of the non-profit Organization of Teratology Information Specialists (OTIS), is the nation’s leading authority and most trusted source of evidence-based information on the benefit or risk of medications and other exposures during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. We specialize in answering questions about the benefit/risk of exposures, such as medications, vaccines, chemicals, herbal products, substances of abuse, maternal health conditions and much more, during pregnancy or breastfeeding.




Information on Grants and Possible Financial Resources

Gift of Adoption Fund

Provide adoption assistance grants to complete the adoptions of children in vulnerable circumstances—giving them permanent families and a chance to thrive.

Show Hope

One of the primary barriers standing between waiting children and families is the cost associated with adoption.

A Child Waits Foundation

Adoption Grants & Adoption Loans

Our programs are active and our process is ongoing; families are welcome to apply at any time throughout the year and at any stage of their adoption after they have a completed homestudy.

Fund Your Adoption

"Don’t settle for navigating the adoption funding process on your own. Through personal experience, helping friends, and coaching other adoptive families, we’ve compiled exceptional tools and resources that teach families how to adopt without debt."

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