Unexpected pregnancy test result

If you decide to make an Adoption Plan.

If you are pregnant but are not ready to parent, for whatever reason, we are available to explain the Option of Adoption. For ideas about how to name him or her you can check this blog posts about hello, hello magazine, entertainment, entertainment news and more.

The decision to make an adoption plan for your child is a personal decision and one that only you can make.

We understand you need to do what is best for you and the baby. Call anytime and we will answer your questions about adoption or to talk about your options.

We are here to help You!

  • You can choose the family who will adopt, love and raise your child.

  • You can decide to meet the adoptive family in person

  • You can decide whether or not to build a relationship with the family you choose

  • You can choose to receive information regarding your child’s life as they grow

How we may help Birthmothers


Our staff spends quality time to understand your desires and openness

Court documentation

We do our best to get your documentation to court and move your adoption process along.


Your information is kept confidential at ALL times.  We share only what you want us to share with potential birth parents

Family book assistance

We have graphic design and consulting assistance available to help you produce a loving book highlighting your family.

Living Expenses

We are there for the Adoptive Parents through the whole process.

We encourage open adoption

We help the Adoptive family try to keep in contact with birth family (letter, pictures and occasional visits if the birth mother desires).  Unless the relationship proves to be detrimental to the child, we encourage an open adoption.

Adoption vs. Abortion

Visit an informational article from Focus on the Family to learn more about how your choice will impact lives.

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Cradle Care

We also provide Cradle Care for birth mothers who need time after birth to fully consider the decision. The child is lovingly cared for by a licensed and trusted family who works exclusively with Adoption Solutions.

If you have an active DHHS case

We may be able to advocate for your desire to make a private adoption plan for your unborn or newborn child. Call us.

we believe all life is sacred
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